Institutional Business Website Case Study

Institutional Business Website Case Study

Designing web applications for Franklin University

One of the types of projects that we really like to work on is web application design. We’ll create these types of prototype, design interfaces, and create prototypes of the applications for upcoming SAS companies and web applications. This is an example of one that we did in the college and student space for the college, Franklin University at Ohio. exceeds expectations

Here’s a testimonial that we received from the school:

“Franklin University hired Alex in 2009 to redesign the institutional website at Alex’s deep understanding of standards compliant architecture, user interface optimization, SEO-centric design encoding, with his ability to grasp institutional business goals and their impact for the design of the public facing, are unparalleled among the list of candidates for the contract. Needless to say, our expectations were high, and Alex delivered on all of them – above and beyond reasonable expectation. He delivers no matter the circumstances and his output is exceptional in every way. In fact, our experience with Alex and the positive results that came led us to hire him again to redesign the portal of our customized learning management system that all Franklin University students use on a daily basis.He did an excellent project with that as well. We’d hire Alex again without any hesitation. He does exceptional work.”

What I initially did was I created their, the original version of that new website and then they re-hired me later to redesign their web application for their students – a really great example of the things that we do at Alex Designs. We not only help you improve your customer acquisition, we also focus on improving retention to get people to come back and actually use your SAS products. This is part of our web design, but we also do content marketing, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. To learn more about how you can get your custom conversion rate optimization plan, just visit


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