Strategy 3 – Create Hypothesis – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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The third step in our process is formulating a hypothesis.
Once we have enough information – that is, qualitative and quantitative data – we can now create a hypothesis. This is a fancy name for an educated guess that we’re going to validate. We want to understand specific problems that people have, and then create an educated guess to serve as the groundwork for our solution for them. We then make sure that we’re tracking the goals of each test. That way we can prioritize them appropriately. I have a framework for the hypothesis if you want to go ahead and download that. You’ve got to use the hypothesis to really prioritize which tests that we’re going to run. This is key to your strategy.

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You can see 4 out of the 5 tests that we’re initially going to run on this particular project are all related to the top traffic landing page. Whether it’s for testing the call to action button, or trust, or video, or new design, 4 out of 5 of those tests are all related to one particular page. which is our highest revenue potential page. The second test is related to reducing the required banner area. From our hypothesis, we’re creating a specific educated guess test. From that, we’re able to prioritize the different tests we’re actually going to run. It’s all about not making people think our hypothesis is to answer all the questions that people have on those pages so they feel more comfortable in spending money with us.

Hypothesis at a glance

  • Educated Guess to Test
  • Prioritize Your Tests
  • Don’t Make People Think

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