Strategy 8 – Header/Footer- Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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Step number 8 in our e-commerce optimization strategy is all about the header and the footer.

Not enough people spend enough time focusing on the best navigation for the user, especially in the header. Getting people to the right product quicker, maybe in just one or two clicks to your best selling products so people can check out is ideal. In this case, with EnergyFirst, they had a normal e-commerce experience, showing off their products, supplements, recipes, success stories and so forth. We re-designed their header area, adding the Better Business Bureau, McAfee logos, and redoing how their navigation worked. Instead of people going to products and then to protein, they can simply click on whey protein or green drink or pre-workout drink. Instead of having to click on category and then go to products, they list it out. The majority of their products, they have 100-some products. The majority of what they sell is only 5 of those products. Listing the top 5 at the very top, getting people quicker to the product they’re looking for, it helps increase the amount of clicks across the entire site by 25%. Huge. We did the exact same thing for the footers as well.

Top 10 Ecommerce CRO Tips - Header / Footer

Now let’s look at a different client, WiseChoice Market. You can see that their footer at the bottom looks like it was never really put together at the beginning. It has a big lead magnet, a big video, some quick links and some other terms of conditions. We simply re-designed it with a clear phone number, clear security logos checkout, clear opt in area with some columns of best sellers and categories. This area right here is the featured item section of the grocery store, where you first arrive and you see all of those best seller items. This is showing off all of your inventory, getting more people to other areas of your website. I highly recommend, if you have a number of SKUs, that you list them out in different columns in the footer. We’ve seen this dramatically help.

Here’s another example. Exact same thing we did. A very common footer, you see the social media icons, VeriSign credit card logos, but it didn’t provide any value for the particular customer. We re-designed it to add the email opt in, phone number, columns of particular categories that people are interested in, and redid the navigation across the bottom, increased the amount of clicks across the website by 16%.

CRO Tips - Header / Footer

Some quick tips related to the header and footer:

It’s very similar to the cart, I guess. Adding the security icons, the seals, across the whole website, people will feel more comfortable about ordering it.

Improve your navigation, getting 2 clicks to your best sellers, getting people to purchase a lot faster, telling people where to go and also offer value for the emails.

People don’t want to sign up for email, people don’t want to subscribe, people want to get something of value, so give away a great lead magnet.
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