Strategy 9 – Lead Generation – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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Step number 9 is related to lead generation. Yes, revenue is our number one goal, but we also want to build our email list. I actually worked for a dot com for 11 years and our business model wasn’t necessarily the best. The only reason why we stayed in business for 11 years was because of our email list. We built it to over a million subscribers and we were able to generate revenue off that email list for many years. Lead generation is very important to build your company for long term success.

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Many sites work differently for lead generation than others. Some particular creative to generate those leads work well for entering your name and email. Others, which I’d seen recently, work better with a 2-step opt in approach. Here’s the original email opt in at the top, join my free email list, and we test it versus get 8 delicious free bone broth recipes, download recipes now, it’s free. That incentive increased theirs, this one had 3 times the amount of conversions 2 step opt in. Just to briefly tell you what happened, when you clicked on that opt in, it popped open this thing, popped open this lead box, just a quick overlay, very simply, download free, reiterating the call to action of what we had in the previous page, get my free recipe guide, and that one is doing very well.

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The trick to what we’ve done with lead generation related to e-commerce is that the thanking page sells the product. You arrive on a category page. They’re not interested in buying that particular product right away so they click on the opt in, they enter the email address, and on the thank you page, to download their free recipe guide, we just resell the product which they came for. We never break that funnel. Everybody get that? Okay. That’s very important. We want to make sure that you don’t dump people on these thank you pages that don’t benefit them. They get lost and they leave your website.

It’s all about the journey. Creating a better conversion funnel is all about that journey. You want to also make sure that experience is working for you in the mobile. In this case, we watch people go through this particular site, WiseChoice Market. We watch them go through the mobile experience and it was broken. You want to make sure that your experience works perfectly for all of your customers. In the aspect of lead generation that we’re talking about, let’s say we look at the mobile experience today. Mobile experience control. We set up a new test. All we did was redo the home page by adding some, we did value propositions, some bullets, and an email opt in.

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Adding that gave us seven times as many email opt ins per day. Here are the numbers to show you. Before that, in February, we were collecting no email opt ins from mobile, at all. It immediately went up to an average of about 7 a day. We do the exact same thing. Once we know it’s working on one area of the website, we apply it to mobile and then we apply it to our Facebook campaigns.

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Here’s the original Facebook campaign. It’s an automated re-marketing campaign from Yatco. Someone enters a review and it automatically creates these ads. They do okay, they’re not very good. You don’t want to let that be your only Facebook strategy. You want to come up with a specific Facebook strategy that’s worked, based on all of your other campaigns. You’ve seen this image before, a few times, and that’s intentional because we’re leveraging what has worked in many other campaigns and then reusing it for our Facebook ads. You can also try different ads, like this.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.43.32 PM

When people click on those Facebook ads, they arrive at a very simple lead generation form that I showed you before. It’s very similar to the 2 step opt in approach that I mentioned before. They arrive at this particular landing page. Because we’re using very, very, targeted Facebook custom audiences, this landing page right here has a 75% conversion rate. No BS, 75%. You can see it right here. We immediately started running this campaign in February as well. It immediately started seeing some days with over 600 different leads generated that day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.40.49 PM

Some quick tips relating to lead generation. Test that 2 step opt in approach, see if that works for you. You can use it in multiple different ways. Simply just open overlay. You want to use Facebook custom targeting and make sure that mobile has a different hold on revenue. I make lead generation our number 1 goal on the mobile experience.

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Lead Generation at a glance:
Test 2-Step Opt-In
FB Custom Targeting
Mobile #1 Goal

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