Strategy 2 – Qualitative Insight – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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The second step in our e-commerce optimization strategy involves qualitative insight.

This means that you need to understand what’s going on in the mind of the customer. The quantitative aspect helped us understand where people are going on the site. Now, we need to figure out exactly what they’re doing – and to do that, we need to get qualitative insight. Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.55.17 PM


We do that using heat maps. Heat maps allow us to see exactly where people are clicking on – the navigation, the main call to action buttons, and which products are getting more clicks than the next. This helps us really understand what’s going on in the mind of the customer.

We also need to understand their voice and be able to answer all the questions that they have on our landing pages. To do this, we need to extract that data from their mind. We do that using surveys and different tools. A good tool for doing surveys is SurveyMonkey. Using this tool, you want to try to get 100 responses so you can start seeing patterns of the language that people use. You can than use that language throughout your marketing campaigns to effectively target your market, engage them, and be the solution they have been looking for.
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You can automate this process. You can collect surveys by asking your email list to fill out a survey. You can also ask your Facebook audience or you can incentivize by giving away a coupon in return. You can also use things like User Testing, where you watch people go through your site, your competitor’s sites, and different Google search queries. You also get to watch them go through the checkout process. It’s really the easiest way to QA.
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How many people use User Testing? This is mandatory in every single project we work on.

The best way to get the best use out of User Testing is to use screeners. Remember, protesters, people who user test your group, sometimes can be biased. You want to ensure you screen the right testers to participate. You want to make sure you’re targeting your ideal customer.

Also in user testing, we want to make sure that we ask the right questions. If you want to just download my cheat sheet, ask the right questions for user testing. We want to understand their first impressions, watch them go through our checkout process, watch them go through our competitor’s site, their checkout process. We want to understand the returns policy and trust.

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Through Google analytics, we understand where people are going, which pages that they’re visiting. With Inspectlet or Visual Website Optimizer, and potentially Crazy Egg, we understand what they’re doing, what they’re working on. With user testing, certainly one can begin to extract that data from them to understand why. Remember that the greatest trick in this step is to understand your customer.

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You have to know the top questions that people are asking, so you can answer them on your page. We want to use tools to extract that data. Surveys and user testing are my top recommendations. We’re also using heat maps and mass tracking to watch people, see exactly what they’re doing on those pages.

Qualitative Insight at a glance:

  • VOC / Top FAQs
  • Surveys & User Testing
  • Heatmaps & Mouse Tracking

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