Strategy 1 – Quantitative Data – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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The first step starts off really broadly – it involves going into the analytics of your site to look at the quantitative data, understanding exactly what’s going on in Google Analytics.

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To do that, we need to create custom dashboards. We go into the starter gallery and add the custom dashboard. We simply want to know more about mobile traffic percentages – who is actually visiting our site, how are they getting there, what’s the source of their traffic, and the top products that are driving the most revenue. We can also see which devices people are using, as well as how many people are using mobile versus tablet versus desktop. This is obviously very important today, it’s more important than ever because knowing what devices your traffic is using is crucial in determining your future optimization efforts.

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The most important number in Google Analytics is your top traffic landing page report. You want to understand your 80 / 20, and be able apply this principle. You’re probably making 80% of your revenue off of 20% of your inventory. The same thing works for your top traffic pages. You’re making 80% of your traffic off of 20% of your pages. The majority of those pages are probably your highest revenue pages or lead generation pages. They also probably have high bounce rates. If any page has a higher bounce rate than 55%, that’s an opportunity for you to improve.

Your top traffic landing page report is lets you know which pages people visit first. Ideally, your top traffic page should either be a product page, a category page, or a landing page. Your home page should not be your top traffic landing page. If it is, it means you’re sending too much paid or regular traffic, even, to your home page. A more successful strategy is to ensure that your landing pages, or your category pages, are getting more traffic than your home page. This is an ideal indicator of success.

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Some quick tips related to the quantitative aspect is to focus on those top traffic pages, understand the top devices and the top browsers. Are people using Chrome versus old IE browsers? You want to make sure there’s some easy opportunities for improvement there. You want to also understand the top key words that people are using to actually get to your site. What are driving the most clicks and most conversions?

What are your thoughts about this?

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