Strategy 7 – Shopping Cart Improvements – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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Step number 7 is all about the shopping cart.

Our goal is to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Let’s take a look at this page. This is a classic e-commerce cart. The designer just went a little bit too crazy. It looks monochromatic. The information architecture is also telling people with these blue links to not move forward and proceed to cart, they’re telling people to go and click on these links here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.35.43 PM

My number 1 tip for cart abandonment is don’t make all your buttons monochromatic. The main button really should be the main one that stands out. Just like with our landing page tests, we do the same thing with our cart and checkout tests. We take the shopping cart page, set it up as a control, and create a new version. We put a little lock symbol next to the shopping cart. We made the main button, the proceed to checkout button, a lot bigger and a different contrasting color, and we also add this shop with confidence box. This is very important. This is one of the tricks that we do, important strategies, on all of our e-commerce sites.

Telling more people about you, making them feel more comfortable about purchasing from you, telling them about your return policy, money back guarantee, secure online ordering, how fast does it ship, how long you have been in business – all these things matter. People will feel more comfortable while purchasing from you. We’ve also seen that the Better Business Bureau has been proven to increase conversion. It may be worth it for you to spend a little money on your Better Business Bureau Logo and see if that helps your conversion rates. These type of seals, seals that people can identify with, UPS, credit card logos, these are all very important. Setting up this particular area reduced our cart abandonment rate by 20%. Not surprising.

Shopping cart improvements case study

Quick tips of shopping cart improvement is to add the security icons and seals, and if you got the budget for it, add Better Business Bureau to your site. You also need to provide specific instructions. If you have special shipping policies, make sure you list those out. If people have questions, make it easy for them to talk to you. As I mentioned, the shop with confidence box has been proven to really help.

Shopping Cart Improvements at a glance:
Add Security Icons & Seals
Provide Instructions
Shop with Confidence

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