Strategy 5 – Landing Pages – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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Step 5 is all about landing pages. It’s all about where the traffic lands, starting at the top of the funnel. We’re bringing people in to impress them, to get them to click, to turn those browsers into buyers. It’s about figuring out where they drop off and how to persuade them to actually convert. In the case of testing, we’ll look and analyze the pages to figure out exactly what people are doing. In the case of this site, their top traffic landing page was their category page. We looked and analyzed it. We immediately noticed that their product images and their product call to actions were just below the fold. Our hypothesis was if we take these particular product call to actions and we move them above the fold, we will be able to increase conversion by 20%. That’s what we did. We set up the initial test, moving the images, and call to action buttons above the fold, above the description, and then we ran it as a test, with immediate impact of conversion of 31% improvement.

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This is the type of thing that you’ll see us continuously doing. Once we know what’s winning, we can then apply it to other areas of the site. Optimization never stops. We continuously try to test and try to beat our control. We take the new variation, it becomes our control, and we continuously try to beat it. We set up a new variation by adding these little seals. You can see them down there. It doesn’t matter what they say, they say Organic, and are all related to this particular bone broth product here that they’re selling. Adding those seals, making it easier to understand so people don’t think and have to read through it, had an immediate impact of 13% conversion improvement.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.30.41 PM

We knew that this particular page – the category page – has really nothing sexy about it at all. We knew that this page could be improved. It could be re-designed. That’s what we’re working on right now. We set it up to re-design it. We showed a picture of a person actually drinking it, put the call to action above fold, showed off the reviews, made it easier for people to click, maybe consolidated information in the tabs. This was going to improve our conversion rate by 20%, we estimate 20% every time. It actually hurt our conversion, 39%. Unfortunately, that was a big loss for us. That’s going to happen with our testing. You want to make sure that you’re learning more from your mistakes than you are from your wins. Don’t let this end up being you here in Vegas. Do not fail at those poker tables.

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Landing Pages at a glance:
Streamline Paid Traffic
Segment Channels
Always Be Testing

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