Strategy 4 – Top Traffic Pages – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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Step 4 is where you start actually optimizing. The majority of e-commerce sites are broken up into specific templates. You have a landing page, you have a product page, a home page, a category page, and then a product page, and maybe some set landing pages, and then a shopping cart. We want to identify the different areas in your site for the biggest area of opportunity. It’s all done initially on a page-by-page basis before we rule it out to the rest of things.

Going back to our Google Analytics, we understand that one particular page is driving the majority of the traffic for this particular site. This is where we start to analyze the page from a design perspective. We do that using the conversion trinity. Understanding the relevance, value, and call to action. Is the page really relevant to my wants, needs, and desires? Is there enough value for me? Tell me exactly what to do next. What’s my call to action?

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We’ll start to bring in specific examples in the execution to run top traffic tests. Top traffic page tests. We’ll begin to start testing, which means taking the initial control. In this case, we’ll take a look at it with the conversion trinity. We’ll say, “Oh look, it tends to look a little busy. It has a lot going on. I’m not sure of the actual value that it provides for me.” Our hypothesis is to use the exact same information and just reorganize it, make it easier to understand. Just reorganizing information on this particular page and running it as a split test can prove the conversion on this test by 65%. I know this page probably has a lot more optimization to go, but this is the type of thing you can do. Take your existing information (you probably have the information we’re looking for already) just reorganize it into a more easy to understand fashion.

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Now that you have clearly identified your top traffic page, it’s time to optimize it. You want to focus on your largest revenue potential area. Start with quick wins. Make as many quick win improvements as you possibly can. Once you know what you’re working on one template and one product page, you can scale it to all the other product pages. Once you learn what’s working on one category page, you can scale it to all the other category pages. That’s how you really scale and grow your bottom line.

  • Top Traffic Page Optimization at a glance:
  • Largest Revenue Area
    Start with Quick Wins
    Scale Wins to Templates

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