Strategy 6 – Unique Value Proposition – Top eCommerce Optimization Strategies

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This is step number 6, and we are more than halfway there.

E-commerce optimization strategies for small business retailers is all about the unique value proposition. This means being able to answer all those questions that people have in their minds through copy, as well as having a very clear value proposition. What you don’t want to do is make assumptions about what you think it should be. A vast majority of sites just put up any headline. Before you do that, you need to ask your audience. Since you cannot ask that question outright, you need to understand your ideal customer and then use User Testing. Watch them go through your site, your competitor’s sites, and different Google search queries, and you’ll understand specific keywords that people mention during and you can use that back in your tests. You want to talk in the same language that they use when they talk.

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In this case, for this particular product, people are interested in best tasting, great tasting, best ingredients, high quality, meal replacement. In short, things we just never thought about for this particular product. We took that information, we created a new value proposition, the world’s best tasting, highest quality, all natural, meal replacement, protein shakes. A whopper of a headline but it increased our conversion by 10%. You don’t want to make assumptions about the headlines that you use. You want to use that data back and create a unique value proposition.

The quick tips related to the UVP is really to use the customer’s voice, use their language back in the headlines. Use those direct and clear headlines and make sure that you use message match. Match the ad to the landing page they’re coming over. If they’re interested in protein powder or bone broth or whatever you’re selling, make sure that it answers their questions on this page. It’s relevant to their search query. You’ve provided a value. We tell them what to do with the call of action. Remember that conversion trinity.

Unique Value Proposition at a glance:
Use Customer’s Voice
Direct & Clear Headlines
Message Match for PPC

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