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10+ Years of CRO Experience
Alex Harris, Creative Director of

Alex Harris is the founder and creative director at; with a work history that spans conversion rate optimization and AB testing since 2001, Harris brings rich insights into how companies can help guide online customers to press the buy button.

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Alex Harris started doing conversion rate optimization and ab testing in 2001 where he worked as a creative director for diet and fitness website. He was one of the first web completing landing page optimization and online conversion funnels. After years of doing A/B Testing for subscription and ecommerce sites, he created his own consulting company

Today helps websites and entrepreneurs make more money online. They specialize in creating beautiful website designs. This includes custom landing pages, subscription based companies and eCommerce sites.

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Bryan EisenbergAlex has been one of our secret weapons for many years. Many of the great conversion results we got with clients was Alex executing on our advice. Of course clients loved him and you will too if you need better results from your design.”
Bryan Eisenberg,
Marketing Optimization Expert
Keynote Speaker & New York Times Best Selling Author.

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May 2014
After attempting to improve my conversion rate on my own, I began to see a sharp decrease rather than an increase. When I approached Alex Designs, I was losing a lot of money as my e-commerce site was simply not converting the customers. Alex was able to quickly explain the changes I needed to make and used examples from other sites he had worked on to show me exactly what needed to be done. My conversion rate increased almost immediately after implementing initial recommendations and continued to climb as the rest of the changes were implemented to a 5x increase in conversion. Alex went above and beyond and did a great job with my Shopify store.”
Sandy Donovan,

September 2013
Alex is the best designer for conversion. He always delivers the best design and strategies to get people to take action on websites and landing pages.”
Jay Berkowitz,

September 2013
Alex is great! Anything web design or conversion oriented is perfect for him. Work with Alex and you’ll be glad you did!”
Gerry Morton,

April 11, 2013
I was having trouble with conversion rates on the landing pages for my online marketing campaign. I could get traffic there, but visitors were not converting. I had worked with smaller, overseas contractors in the past on landing page design, but their results were inadequate and unimpressive. After I hired Alex, I was immediately impressed by the level of detail and thought he gave to visitor behavior on the site. Rather than just “put something up that looks pretty”, like other designers do, Alex thoroughly evaluated the affect of various landing page designs on visitor behavior. He benchmarked with other similar sites and best practices. The results were outstanding. After 3 months the conversion rate on my landing page increased by 5x!! The resulting revenue more than offset the cost for hiring Alex. I was extremely pleased and will hire Alex again.”
Jared Martin,
Chief Executive Officer

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