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Alex Harris - Alex Designs LLCWelcome, you are in the right place if you are looking to improve your conversion rates and generating leads from your website. From 2000-2011, I worked for a popular online diet and fitness company as the Creative Director. There I managed the web design / front-end development team, implemented A/B testing and optimized marketing campaigns for customer acquisition. Now I work from home managing a small team. We specialize in creating build high converting ecommerce stores, websites and landing pages. We also do a lot of wordpress, conversion funnels and saas / web application design.

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Request Your Quote is the homepage for the parent company of all my other projects. I specialize in conversion rate optimization, landing page designs, ecommerece improvements and all things wordpress.
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Join Marketing Optimization Marketing Optimization Podcast with Alex Designs. Internet radio show focused on helping websites make more money. On each episode I ask the infamous question, “What is your definition of optimization?”. Please subscribe to the podcast in Itunes, Stitcher or on SoundCloud. You can also see the videos on YouTube or get them delivered weekly via email.

Master Conversion Optimization Master Website Conversions
I really enjoy helping others improve their conversion and generating more leads. Now I am creating a course focused on sharing the process I use for Conversion Optimization. The course will be customized by you. Yes I need your help, please customize this course. Thanks in advance, with your help I can help more people master website conversions. Want to learn more – click here.

Conversion Optimization Mastermind Group Introducing the conversion optimization mastermind group. This is where I give private and personal consulting to young entrepreneurs and conversion optimization newbies. My passion is to help people make more money from their websites. My mastermind gives you 3 months of access to me and 7 other entrepreneurs. Learn more about the Conversion Optimization Mastermind Group.

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